Autumn 2.4.5 (04.08.2014)

*** Prestashop compatibility release ***

This update mainly focuses on bug fixes and compatibility issues.

IMPROVED: General Prestashop compatibility

FIXED: Home icon in sitemap
FIXED: wpSmartCodes module PHP version incompatibility
FIXED: Google fonts are not working in some cases
FIXED: Styling of Delivery Options table in checkout
FIXED: Autumn theme configuration tabs are not working

Autumn 2.4 (08.07.2014)

NEW: Smartcodes; Wordpress like Shortcode system
Please see the "Custom Modules > Smartcodes" section of the theme documentation for more detailed information:

Currently it has support for creating; Rows, Columns, Icons and Buttons
There will be more smartcodes in the future for creating elements like Tabs, Accordion Menus, Price Tables etc.

NEW: Facebook Like Box module (can be hooked to the footer or left column)
NEW: Custom HTML area module for footer
NEW: Option for disabling countdown timers completely
NEW: Google Fonts option
NEW: Header top bar and main bar text color options

IMPROVED: Breadcrumb navigation pipe
IMPROVED: CSS Grid column and row logic.
IMPROVED: Header and Footer custom text areas now allowing HTML tags
IMPROVED: Description tab now is the first tab in product pages
IMPROVED: Header design #2 now has fully visible search box
IMPROVED: Foundation of the Autumn Configuration Module, it will make
adding new options slightly less painful so you can expect more
and more customization options in short amount of times.
IMPROVED: Add to comparision is now visible in mobile devices as well

FIXED: Images from certain modules not loading from correct protocol when the SSL active
FIXED: Missing countdown timer translations
FIXED: Missing mobile menu translations
FIXED: Countdown timer not loading after using filters in category pages
FIXED: Footer blocks visibility issues while resizing the window
FIXED: Styling of default homepage tabs

Autumn 2.3 (24.06.2014)

*** Prestashop compatibility release ***

NEW: Retina product image support
Please see the "Post Installation > Tips" section of the theme documentation for more detailed information:

NEW: Groupon style countdowns for product discounts
Please see the "Post Installation > Tips" section of the theme documentation for more detailed information:

NEW: Ability to show discount amount/percentage rather than "On Sale" text
NEW: Mail alerts module mail templates
NEW: Send to a Friend module mail templates
NEW: Referral Program module mail templates
NEW: Follow up module mail templates
NEW: Paypal module error report mail template

FIXED: Megamenu product autocomplete box is broken due to the changes in the new Prestashop version
FIXED: Missing wpsearchblock module from main installation file
Sorry about the inconvenience. For those who don't have the search module; module is included into the
update folder. If you update the theme to this version, search module will be available again.
After updating the theme, install the "Withinpixels - Search Block" module from Modules > Modules page
from the back end.

Autumn 2.2.5 (19.06.2014)

*** Prestashop compatibility release ***

Important Note:
This version will NOT work with Prestashop and below due to the changes in Prestashop
Update your Prestashop before updating the theme.

NEW: Wishlist Module mail templates

IMPROVED: Added icons for payment options in checkout

FIXED: Character encoding problems in Blog and related modules
FIXED: Product detailed description tab not showing some of the HTML tags correctly
FIXED: Isotope Tabs and Product Carousels modules are not showing 0 (zero) prices
FIXED: Next/Previous Product buttons in product pages are not checking if the next/previous product is active or not

Autumn 2.2.0 (08.06.2014)
NEW: Custom mail templates
NEW: Blog RSS Feeds, you can access to the feeds from /blog/rss link
NEW: Option for adding username & login/logout links to the sticky menu

IMPROVED: Blog and Blog helper modules styles
IMPROVED: Font icon (94 new icons, total 198 icons)
IMPROVED: Blog tags now linked to the site wide search

FIXED: Missing translations in Blog module
FIXED: Missing translations in Blog helper modules
FIXED: Missing translations in Isotope Tabs and Product Carousels modules
FIXED: Broken image link in Related Blog Posts module
FIXED: Sticky header causes page to jump in short pages
FIXED: Meta description for Facebook sharing
FIXED: Review link in product pages doesn't scroll the page to the Reviews tab
FIXED: Missing paranthesis in total price after adding a product to the cart using ajax
FIXED: Megamenu throws an unnecessary error if backoffice using one of the disabled languages
FIXED: Category descriptions in category pages cannot be styled properly
FIXED: Order-opc guest checkout save button not working properly
FIXED: Product image thumbnails in product pages not spacing correctly in boxed layout

Autumn 2.1.0 (24.05.2014)
NEW: Blog Module
NEW: 5 helper module for Blog Module to extend its functionality:
Blog Categories, Blog Archives, Custom Block A, Custom Block B and Related Blog Posts
NEW: Shopping cart is now accessible from sticky menu as well

IMPROVED: Second row of the product page now expanding if there is no block on the right side
IMPROVED: Isotope Tabs module speed and stability
IMPROVED: Product Carousels module speed and stability
IMPROVED: Better responsive view for Shopping Cart table in shopping cart page
IMPROVED: Megamenu menu builder now auto updates the category/product/manufacturer/supplier/cms page names
from backend if any of these changes. They were already being updated in front office but now
they are updating in the backend as well

FIXED: Isotope Tabs module showing wrong prices in some cases
FIXED: Product Carousels module showing wrong prices in some cases
FIXED: Image Slider module image links is not working
FIXED: Short descriptions not styleable in product pages
FIXED: Remove product button in ajax cart is not working properly
FIXED: Search block is not showing between certain resolutions
FIXED: Javascript errors if there is no product photo in product pages
FIXED: Missing tax info texts (tax incl. , tax excl.) from product pages
FIXED: Broken layout of the shopping cart table at the 5th step of 5-step-checkout

Autumn 2.0.2 (12.05.2014)
FIXED: Quick view is not working sometimes, especially with the Prestashop setups updated from 1.5
FIXED: Product pages in Quick View lightbox is not working properly

Autumn 2.0.1 (10.05.2014)
NEW: Product images are now linked to the product itself in category pages

FIXED: Wrong atmn_category image size
If you are already installed the 2.0.0 version, please go into
the Preferences > Images page and change the atmn_category image size to
1920 * 250 and then regenerate the category images. Sorry about the inconvenience.

FIXED: Category selectors are not working for different backoffice languages in certain modules
Affected Modules: Megamenu, Isotope Tabs & Product Carousels

IMPROVED: Javascript loading methods of the Product Carousels & Manufacturer Carousel
IMPROVED: Inline Js variable definations of the Product Carousels & Manufacturer Carousel templates for better Prestashop 1.6 support

Autumn 2.0.0 (09.05.2014)
New major version that provides Prestashop 1.6.x compatibility.

This version is no longer supports Prestashop 1.5.x.

Autumn is re-developed with lots of new and powerful features.

New Modules
- New Megamenu module
- New Image Slider module
- New Isotope Tabs module
- New Frontpage Blocks module
- New Manufacturer Carousel module
- New Products Carousel module
- New Social Links module
- New Products Share Buttons module
- New Theme Configuration module
- New Ajax Search module

General Features
- Fluid Design
- Custom made css grid system
- Based on default theme
- Zero core modifications
- Ability to change the entire color scheme of the theme including buttons and icons with one option
- 3 different header designs
- Custom text area for header
- Ajax search with images
- Boxed and Fullwidth options
- Options for changing body and page backgrounds

Category Pages
- Custom category headers
- Different combinations for breadcrumb, category title and product count positions in category headers
- 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 columns options for product grid view
- Auto adjusting grid system that suitable for various image size ratios; square, horizontal rectangle and vertical rectangle
- Option for hiding subcategories
- Options for removing stock information, available colors list and average ratings from category view
- Quick image viewer for products to see all of the product images without getting into the product detail page
- Options for hiding certain informations from product pages such as Product Condition, Product Reference Code and Product Manufacturer Name

Product Pages
- Next / Previous product buttons
- Custom made, touch supported image zoom plugin

- 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 columns options for footer area
- Custom footer text area

Mobile Menu
- Mobile menu that activates below certain screen sizes
- Mobile menu will keep the Megamenu intact. Mobile users will see the exact same menu with the desktop users
- Shopping cart, login and signup forms and the entire my account page for logged in users will be in mobile menu for easy access

Autumn (19.11.2013)
Prestashop Compatibility Release

- Minor bug fixes

Autumn 1.6.4 (09.10.2013)
Prestashop Compatibility Release

- Minor bug fixes

Autumn (06.09.2013)
- Impossible to add product comments due to a bug in Prestashop (lightbox issue)
- Ajax Cart is not updating after changing the product quantity in checkout/shopping cart page
- Shopping cart/checkout page is not completely updating after deleting all products from the cart
- Pagination buttons (previous/next) not working in category pages
- Footer newsletter block "subscribe" & "unsubscribe" words are not translatable

Autumn 1.6.3 (29.08.2013)
Prestashop 1.5.5 Compatibility Release

- Minor bug fixes
- Easy product navigation module enabled again
(It was temporarily disabled because of the bug in Prestashop 1.5.4, that bug fixed in Prestashop 1.5.5)

Autumn 1.6.2 (25.05.2013)
- Shopping Cart taxes are not showing at the last step of 5-step-checkout
- Language and Currency selectors are shown as dropdowns all the time
- Broken Thickbox feature if jqzoom is not enabled
- Thickbox now completely disabling if jqzoom is enabled in order to prevent issues on touch screen devices
- View Wishlist page is completely fixed
- Add to Wishlist feature is now checking if there is any wishlist before trying to add the product
- Minor CSS related issues

Autumn 1.6.1 (26.04.2013)
Prestashop Compatibility Release

- Minor Bug Fixes

Autumn 1.6 (29.03.2013)
- "Add to Cart" button wrapper prevents clicking to the product if there is no "Add to Cart" button on category view
- Pack items list on product pages doesn't obey list/grid view and rectangle/square image options
- Vouchers on "Checkout" page doesn't act correctly if there is a highlighted voucher code
- Unit prices in product detail page
- Manufacturer list page showing always "image not found" image rather than manufacturer logos (Prestashop bug -fixed in Prestashop 1.5.4-)
- Supplier list page showing always "image not found" image rather than supplier logos (Prestashop bug -fixed in Prestashop 1.5.4-)
- Scenes on category pages doesn't show the scene image (Prestashop bug)
- AddThis doesn't grab correct product image when sharing the product on Facebook
- Contact form doesn't resize correctly in mobile view
- Mega menu causes problems while installing new language from back office
- Compressing inline javascript causes errors in "Layered Navigation Block" module (Prestashop bug)

- Mega menu now split subcategories into columns if there are more than 10 subcategories under one category
- Mega menu doesn't render correctly on IE10
- Search box width changing in various responsive steps in order to free up some more space for the menu
- Spaces between menu titles are now changing in various responsive steps
- Cluetip style on scenes
- Mega menu css file relocated
- Mega menu javascripts moved into an external file

- Multilanguage support for Frontpage Ads Module
- Version info to the autumn.css file

Autumn 1.5.4 (20.02.2013)
- BO: Newsletter CSV Export Button not working
- My Wishlist link remain active when the module disabled
- Product Navigation translations
- Subcategory styles
- "Product added to the cart" notification translation
- Guest Checkout javascript errors
- Native Module: Top Horizontal Menu broken css file
- Safari: White/black box appearing next to the Homepage Showcase module

- Megamenu is now smart enough to reposition the menu content if it's going off the screen
- Big product image in product details page is now rectangular if the rectangle image type selected

- Autoscroll functionality to the Homepage Showcase module
- Google Rich Snippets support for products
- Ability to add custom social links and icons to the footer Social Link module

Autumn 1.5.3 (12.02.2013)
- Responsive Menu not working
- Sign-up for newsletter option doesn't show up on guest checkout
- Suppliers, manufacturers, top sellers, new products, special products pages

- Responsive Selectbox Menu changed to the accordion menu

- "Product added to your cart" notification

Autumn 1.5.2 (09.02.2013)
- Guest checkout form (5-step-checkout)

- Clickable area of the product hover (category view)

- Button Hover state color changer

Autumn 1.5.1 (07.02.2013)
- Search Pages

Autumn 1.5 (06.02.2013)
Fixed some basic issues, improved mobile experience
and added lots of new features.

- Add to Favorite link
- Mail Alerts module
- Accessories Tab
- Add to Cart button width
- IE8: "New" badge position and color
- IPad: Footer module headers
- Image and text flickering
- Some front office and module translations

- Product category pages are now more mobile friendly
- Autumn Showcase module is now more mobile friendly
- jQZoom updated to the latest version

- New Sidebar to the product pages
- Next/Previous Product Links
- List/Grid View Option with cookie support
- Square/Rectangle Image Option
- Color Changer
- Show/Hide Category Name Option
- Show/Hide Category Description Option
- Show/Hide Subcategories Option
- Logo Width Option
- Mega Menu
- PSD files

Autumn 1.0 (22.01.2013)
Initial Release